Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well, this week was the DNC here in Denver, so I went to the zoo. How those two relate, I don't know but I did get to go to the zoo which made me smile. I got some sketches done, but not many because little kids like to run in front of you when you have good shots and scare away the animals. I will have to say that my favorite animal at the zoo was either the red river hog (they were actually playing and running around) or the emperor tamarin (they have mustaches as defense mechanisms, how cool is that?). For those who braved downtown Denver this week, I hope you didn't get hit by tear gas. (:
I got a new book with about 2000 animals referenced in it, so expect lots of animal updates.

(These aren't actual sketches from the zoo, the monkeys are zoo inspired... I did not see any kids yelling mushrooms there though that's just pure silliness.)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well, I created this blog (what a great word) to post sketches and hopefully watch myself improve. I guess I could blog about stuff too, but uuuh... I have nothing to say today that is interesting to anyone but myself. : D

To start off, here's a little alien design I have been tinkering with in between classes.

Please excuse the messy paper, I plan on cleaning it up later.